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A well-built, safe and maintained roof for your commercial building is important for its structural integrity. A sound commercial roof helps protect the interiors from severe weather and other elements. Commercial roofing can become extremely expensive for your business and cost you time, money and worry. Good quality commercial roofing work and proper maintenance can help decrease energy consumption, lower insurance costs and prevent any immediate expenses.

Crown Roofing Company provides the most dependable and highest quality commercial roofing services in Wichita, Kansas. Our team of experienced roofers equipped with cutting edge tools and equipment offer roofing services specific to commercial roofing needs. We work with great efficiency, and complete are projects as scheduled to minimize disruption at your site so you can get back to normal operations as soon as possible. We have the skills to handle everything right from a routine roof inspection to a complex commercial repairing project.

How is Commercial Roofing Different from Residential Roofing?

Most people believe a roof to be a roof. But, there are major differences between a commercial roof and a residential roof. Commercial roofs are different from residential ones in terms of materials, installation, designs and maintenance in the following ways –

  • Materials – Commercial roofs cover larger spaces and need other elements incorporated in it like air conditioning and ventilation. The materials required to support these extra elements are designed to last for long. You have more material options for commercial roofs than you have for residential.

  • Process – Commercial roof installation is more complicated than a residential roof and requires skilled professionals with knowledge of different aspects such as airflow systems, external piping and others. The size of the roof and the amount of material and labor needed for it makes commercial roofing costlier than residential roofing.

  • Designs – The structural need for a commercial roof is different from that of a residential roof. A commercial roof will require larger load-bearing capacity and aesthetics is not always the first thing it needs. Most of the time, the roof of a commercial building is not visible from the street.

  • Maintenance – Both residential and commercial roofs require care and attention. However, commercial roofs need extra attention like regular inspections and preventive maintenance to ensure it is in top condition.

The cost of installing a commercial roof is higher than that of a residential roof, and it is important to work with a competent roofing company in Wichita, Kansas. Crown Roofing can provide you with the best solution for your commercial roofing needs.

Reliable Commercial Roofing Services

As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of hiring the best commercial roofing contractor the first time. At Crown roofing, Wichita, Kansas, our trained, skilled and friendly, will be with you right from the start of the commercial roofing project till the very end. We provide convenient roofing solutions that will stand the test of time and fix all roofing problems to save the integrity of your commercial roof. No other roofing contractor in the area can match up to our experience and resources in commercial roofing services.

Our commercial roofing services include:

  • Roof Design

  • New Commercial Roof Installation

  • Minor and Major Repairs

  • Partial or Complete Re-Roofing

  • Preventative Maintenance

We provide expert consultation to help find the right roof for your business within your budget. We are licensed and insured to work with a variety of roofing systems for varied types of commercial properties including: 

There are plenty of choices for commercial roofing materials, but not all might be suitable for you. Crown Roofing installs efficient roofing systems for commercial properties based on your requirements and budget.

Commercial Roofing Service Area

We proudly service the following areas for our commercial flat roofing services: Hutchinson commercial roofing companyEl DoradoWinfieldDerbyNewton, Andover commercial roofing, Haysville commercial roofers, Augusta commercial flat roofing, Wellington, Park City & Arkansas City commercial roofing.

Get Fast Expert Commercial Roofing Services at the Best Prices

The expert team at Crown Commercial Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita have decades of combined experience in commercial roofing systems and structures. We offer commercial roofing services in Wichita to maximize productivity, secure your property and enhance the value of your commercial establishment. Our roofing team in Wichita, Kansas, have the ability and the necessary resources to handle the most complex commercial roofing installations and repairs. We are committed to providing superior services, use only high-quality materials, provide warranties on our work and stand behind our work.

If you are looking for excellence in quality and service in commercial roofing services, do not hesitate to give us a call. Schedule an appointment with our team today and let us shhow we can solve your commercial roofing needs!

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With years of experience servicing the Wichita area, we take pride in our Kansas roots. We are devoted members of the Wichita community, and have built Crown Roofing on the foundation of giving back to our hometown. When your commercial roof suffers storm damage from a hail/wind event or is simply in need of a full flat roof replacement, take peace of mind in hiring a local Wichita commercial roofing company that you know will still be here in 20 years, and a company that prides itself on being an active member of your community.

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Jeff Cotter
Jeff Cotter
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Great service and very responsive with our needs. We changed our whole roof within a day and everything went smoothly. Justin was awesome to work with. Highly recommend
Scott Sellers
Scott Sellers
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We had a minor leak around our chimney, and a few rub marks on the front slope from a tree we recently cut back. Justin and his crew fixed both issues in a timely manner and at a fair price.
Jeremey Sims
Jeremey Sims
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Fantastic company. The owner took the time to walk me through the insurance process and ended up not only getting me a new roof but surprised me with new gutters also paid for by insurance. Couldn't be happier!
Christy Brown
Christy Brown
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Best roofer in Wichita!! My new roof makes me feel like royalty!

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Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita is awarded the badge of “Recognition of Excellence” because of our high level of expertise, emphasis on customer satisfaction, impeccable craftsmanship and trustworthy reputation. Since we are certified by Roofing Insights, you’re personally backed by a $20,000 Guarantee that covers you from start to finish!


Justin Brown

Over the past 10 years working for an industry giant, I have developed a strong passion for the roofing industry. This industry has provided me with the opportunity to learn, grow, & become the person I am today who is obsessed with customer service & humbly working with the utmost integrity. I have been blessed to have the prior experience necessary to pick & choose what systems & processes to adopt & take with me to my own roofing company.

Now that I have my own company with Co-Owner Benjamin Wallace, a sense of pride aromates out of the office as we know two things: 1.) We truly have a deep understanding of the ins & outs of this industry due to our unparalleled knowledge & experience. 2.) We believe there is, without a doubt, no better solution for your roofing needs than Crown Roofing.

We move with a sense of surety & purpose that is contagious & everyone seems to want to be a part of. I am so excited to be servicing my hometown of Wichita, KS under my own company – Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita. We will continue to build our name in Wichita & cannot wait to Crown your Kingdom! 



One of the most common questions we get from property managers is whether a flat roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Depending on the severity of the leaks, and the age of your roof, repairs may be an option. Full replacement is necessary when a roof is unrepairable (over 25% of the roof is damaged), or when property managers want a new roof with the latest technology. Coating an existing roof with spray foam coatings is an alternative to a full replacement, although not all roofs are candidates. Coating a roof can save up to 50% of the cost of a full tear-off.

One of the most commonly asked questions is “how much will a new roof cost”? This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many variables, with size of the roof being the most important. The larger a roof is, naturally it will require more labor & materials (i.e. a 20,000 sqft office building vs 100,000 sqft warehouse). There are additional variables to consider, such as if you are installing a single ply roof, whether you are replacing your roof with a sheet metal roof, or if you are simply going to restore your roof with a coating.

Not all roofs need to be replaced. In many instances, repairs can safely extend the lifespan of your roof. When you start to notice leaks in your building, water stains along the wall, mold developing, or missing tiles or shingles, these issues need to be addressed immediately. If you notice gaps in your roof flashing, ponding, bubbling, or cracks in the seams, it is important to have your roof inspected to assess the overall condition of your roof.

As a full service commercial roofing company, we offer numerous commercial roofing systems to offer numerous options to our customers. There is not a “one-size fits all” material, hence the importance of having options. We can help install: EPDM rubber roofing, PVC roofs, TPO roofs (most popular), commercial metal roofing, modified bitumen, BUR roofs, and even garden roofs!

Living in Wichita, we are no strangers to severe weather. Many of our inquiries from property managers, facility managers, HOA’s, multi-family buildings, and commercial agents are for storm damage inspections following violent hail, wind and tornadic storm activity. We specialize in storm damage restoration, and provide no-hassle, 100% free storm damage roofing inspections. During your inspections, a technician will assess the condition of your commercial roof, looking for signs of hail or wind damage, as well as possible holes or leak spots in your roof.