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Wichita Solar Panel Installation Contractors

With the energy prices creeping up year after year, solar energy is ideal for those looking to reduce their household expenses. Solar panels decrease your dependency on the main energy grid and reduce your energy bill to a great extent. Panels usually make more energy than what your house might need. Even with all the benefits that solar panel systems offer, many homeowners in Wichita believe that switching to solar power takes a lot of effort. But, all it really takes is hiring the right solar installation company. We at Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita are one of the leading solar service providers in the Wichita metropolitan area. 

We install residential solar power in Wichita, Kansas, and all the surrounding areas. 

If you are looking for an affordable and environmentally-friendly way to power your home with solar energy, our team at Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita can install high-grade solar panels professionally that are suited for the extreme heat of Wichita, Kansas. We take care of every aspect of the solar panel installation process, allowing you to sit back and take it easy. 

 Solar Panel Installation – The Process

  1. Conduct Free Energy Audit and Consultation – The first step to our solar panel installation process is to provide a free energy audit and analysis. We take the time to understand your needs and provide you with the best solution and solar system. 

  2. Thorough Roof Analysis – Our team will arrive at your home and assess the condition of the roof to determine if it is in the right condition to install solar panels. If your roof needs repairs or replacement, our experts will inform you of the best course of action that needs to be taken. 

  3. Exploring Different Financial Options – When people consider solar power, the first thing that comes to their mind is if they can afford it. The good news is that we offer many financing options including, purchasing, lease, PPA, and solar loans, for you to choose from. 

  4. Taking All Measurements – We will assess the dimensions and the layout of the roof and take measurements. It will allow us to efficiently install the solar panels and maximize the space on the roof to allow it to receive enough sunlight. 

  5. Design Approval – We submit your solar panel design to the concerned authorities for review and receive all necessary approval. Once we receive all the permits, solar panel installation can begin. 

  6. Solar Panel Installation – The last and most important step is to have our installers install the new solar panels on your home roof. Our team will ensure that the roof is watertight and there are no cracks before installing the electrical wirings. 

Your home will now be completely energy-friendly and will help you save money from day 1!

Why Hire Crown Roofing & Solar Company for Solar Panel Installation?

Unlike other companies in Wichita, Kansas, which install solar panels on the side, we are a solar installation specialist. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best solar equipment and ensuring they are installed right.  

When you work with us, you can expect the following –

  • Free, No-Obligation Estimates from Trained and Certified Technicians 

  • Solar System Design for the Perfect Fit to Your Energy and Lifestyle Needs

  • Only High-Quality Solar Panels, Inverters, Wiring, and Other Equipment 

  • Experienced and Skilled Installers For Efficient and Safe Installation Process

  • Customer Support from Friendly and Knowledgeable Crew Members 

Solar Panel Installation FAQ

Q. How Do Solar Electric Systems Work?

Solar cells on the solar panels convert sunlight into DC power. This power is then passed through an inverter which converts it into AC power. This AC power is interconnected with all your utilities. If your system produced more electricity than is required by your household, it is returned to the grid. If you have a battery backup connected to your solar system, a part of the power produced will charge it and provide you with power during power outages. 

Q. Will Solar Panels Produce Electricity During Night-Time? What About During Cloudy, Rainy, or Snowy Days? 

Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work, even though direct sunlight provides the most efficiency. During overcast or snowy days, the solar system will continue to work, but the efficiencies will be reduced to 70%. But in a place like Wichita, which gets lots of sunny days, overcast days are not a concern. If you are still concerned, we can attach a battery so that you can take maximum advantage of the solar system and utilize it throughout the year.  

Q. If I Do Not Own the House and is Renting it, Can I Still Get a Solar System?

No, solar electric systems are available only to homeowners. The owner of the property is required to enter into an agreement with us and often includes a property lien. 

Q. How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

Most solar panel installation can easily be completed within a day without major disruption to your daily routine. The scaffolding for the panels will be installed a couple of days before the installation team arrives. Our team will then mount the panels on the roof, install the inverter and then carry out all the final wirings. 

Q. Can the Solar Panels Blow Off the Roof During a Storm?

It is highly unlikely. When we install solar panels, we ensure they are secured to your fabric of the building and about 30 cm inside from the edge to minimize wind loading. 

Make the Switch to Solar Energy

Did you know that installing solar panels can help you reduce your energy bills by 90%? If you have made up your mind to have solar panels installed on your property, turn to Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita for the best service. With years of experience in the industry, we can offer top-of-the-line solar equipment, expert installation craftsmanship, and the best warranties you won’t find anywhere else. 

Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule a free solar analysis by our experts. 

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With years of experience servicing the Wichita area, we take pride in our Kansas roots. We are devoted members of the Wichita community, and have built Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita on the foundation of giving back to our hometown. Take peace of mind by hiring a Wichita solar company that is based right out of your hometown!

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