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Storm Damage?

You Could Be Eligible For Roof Repairs, Or Even a Brand New Roof Paid For By Insurance

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Crown Roofing, Wichita, Kansas, is a leading name in the roofing industry in Wichita for offering an exhaustive range of roofing repair, replacement, and installation services in Wichita and surrounding communities. The roof of a home adds value to your home in terms of curb appeal and overall aesthetics but also plays a vital role in improving energy efficiency and protection from harsh environmental effects. We cater to a wide range of clients’ requirements regarding residential roofing and related services, whether you’re looking for asphalt shingles roof, metal roof, concrete tiles, slate roofing, and more.

At Crown Roofing Company of Wichita, Kansas, our team of roofing specialists are licensed, insured, and bonded and have undergone industry-standard training to provide our clients with the highest quality services. We aim to deliver services that not only match your expectations but surpass them by miles while keeping the entire project monetarily feasible. Proper roof installation is integral to the safety and structural integrity of your home and its residents, and compromising with it can prove more costly than you can start to imagine. Trust us with any kind of roofing services you require, and rest assured we would provide you with services you can bank upon for decades to come.

Types of Residential Roofing Services

At Crown Roofing, we understand every client has different needs and offers a wide range of roofing options to our clients. We source only high-quality roofing materials for our clients and both, our products and services are backed by an extended warranty. This assurance has helped us establish Crown Roofing of Wichita, Kansas, as one of the leading names in the roofing industry in the region. Our wide range of residential roofing services include –

Variety of Residential Roofing Services Offered by Us

Roofing options available today in the market can spoil you for choices. The market is filled with a wide variety of roofing materials to choose from to meet the vivid requirements of clients with different tastes, preferences, and affordability. At Crown Roofing, Wichita, Kansas, our portfolio of roofing materials to choose from is exhaustive and affordable. Our vast experience and network in roofing have helped us develop close ties with manufacturers to get quality products at competitive prices, which translates into more savings for our customers.

Whether you’re looking to give your roof a completely new and modern look or want fresh roof installation for your new property or want to repair the damaged portion of your roof, Crown Roofing can handle it professionally and affordably. If you are in Wichita, Kansas, or reside in any of the surrounding communities, trust Crown Roofing to deliver, and we would go above and beyond to satisfy your requirements without putting a dent in your budget. Our range of residential roofing options include –

The roofing options mentioned above are the most commonly preferred residential roofing option in Wichita, Kansas, and nearby areas. However, even if you’re looking for something not mentioned in the list, don’t worry, as Crown Roofing has you covered. We deal in all types of roofing materials and can source even the most exotic range of roofing materials available in the market, and we can handle roofing projects of any scale with ease.

Why Choose Crown Roofing For Your Residential Wichita Roofing Project?

The look, feel, and value of your home depend a lot on the roofing system you install. If it isn’t installed properly, is damaged, or is old and functioning improperly, you’re losing more than you think. It negatively impacts your home’s curb appeal, increases your energy bills, and allows your property’s structure to quickly degenerate or weaken. At Crown Roofing, Wichita, Kansas, we bring unmatched experience, expertise, and skills to the table. If you’re still wondering why you should choose us, here it is –

  • Licensed and Insured Roofing Company

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced In-house Roofing Specialists

  • Updated with Modern Roofing Technology and Equipment

  • Unmatched Experience and Expertise

  • Wide Range of Roofing Options and Services Available Under One Roof

  • Excellent Customer Support

  • Dedicated Project Manager For Every Project

  • Capability to Handle Residential Roofing Project of Any Scale

  • Reliable and Affordable Services

  • No Hidden Costs

  • Free Inspection and Assessment

  • Free Consultation

Customer satisfaction is our prime motto at Crown Roofing, Wichita, Kansas, and we don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve that. If you’re looking for any kind of residential roofing services, contact us today to consult for free with our roofing experts. We can also arrange free on-site inspection and assessment and can provide you with the detailed and analytical report necessary to make a feasible decision for your home.

Why Choose Crown Roofing & Solar?


Locally Owned Wichita roofing company

With years of experience servicing the Wichita area, we take pride in our Kansas roots. We are devoted members of the Wichita community, and have built Crown Roofing on the foundation of giving back to our hometown. When your roof suffers storm damage from a hail or wind event, take peace of mind in hiring a local Wichita company that you know will still be here in 15 years, and a company that prides itself on being an active member of your community.

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Jeff Cotter
Jeff Cotter
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Great service and very responsive with our needs. We changed our whole roof within a day and everything went smoothly. Justin was awesome to work with. Highly recommend
Scott Sellers
Scott Sellers
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We had a minor leak around our chimney, and a few rub marks on the front slope from a tree we recently cut back. Justin and his crew fixed both issues in a timely manner and at a fair price.
Jeremey Sims
Jeremey Sims
Read More
Fantastic company. The owner took the time to walk me through the insurance process and ended up not only getting me a new roof but surprised me with new gutters also paid for by insurance. Couldn't be happier!
Christy Brown
Christy Brown
Read More
Best roofer in Wichita!! My new roof makes me feel like royalty!

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Available as Low as $97/month*

At Crown Roofing, our goal is to make roofing accessible to everyone. A quality roof is a necessity, not ‘nice to have’. That is why we proudly offer convenient financing options. You can get your new roof installed for as low as $97/month! *Certain conditions apply. Contact a sales rep for more information*

Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita


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Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita is awarded the badge of “Recognition of Excellence” because of our high level of expertise, emphasis on customer satisfaction, impeccable craftsmanship and trustworthy reputation. Since we are certified by Roofing Insights, you’re personally backed by a $20,000 Guarantee that covers you from start to finish!


Justin Brown

Over the past 10 years working for an industry giant, I have developed a strong passion for the roofing industry. This industry has provided me with the opportunity to learn, grow, & become the person I am today who is obsessed with customer service & humbly working with the utmost integrity. I have been blessed to have the prior experience necessary to pick & choose what systems & processes to adopt & take with me to my own roofing company.

Now that I have my own company with Co-Owner Benjamin Wallace, a sense of pride aromates out of the office as we know two things: 1.) We truly have a deep understanding of the ins & outs of this industry due to our unparalleled knowledge & experience. 2.) We believe there is, without a doubt, no better solution for your roofing needs than Crown Roofing.

We move with a sense of surety & purpose that is contagious & everyone seems to want to be a part of. I am so excited to be servicing my hometown of Wichita, KS under my own company – Crown Roofing & Solar Company of Wichita. We will continue to build our name in Wichita & cannot wait to Crown your Kingdom! 



When it comes time to replace your roof, take peace of mind by hiring the best Wichita roofing company! We take pride in knowing we are unique in this industry as our company is founded on ethics & integrity. When you hire Crown Roofing, you are getting: professionalism, quality craftsmanship and pristine attention to detail.

Common questions

Below we’ve put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions

It depends on a few factors: There must have been an event that would be considered an “Act of God” that occurred at your property within the past 1-2 years depending on your insurance carrier & policy language. Additionally, the event must have caused enough damage to your roof to warrant a full replacement. It is important to note that if there was a storm event (hail, high winds, etc.) it is the policyholder’s contractual obligation to inspect for damages, report damages to their insurance company, & mitigate any further damages from occurring. After a catastrophic event, it is crucial to have a qualified contractor come inspect your roof & give it a clean bill of health to avoid your insurance company from claiming policyholder negligence & voiding out their future duties of repair or replacement.

Insurance companies cannot single you out after a catastrophic event. Geographical areas will all experience a rise in rates or possibly even a loss of coverage if the insurance company decides that a specific area is high risk for them; however, they cannot & will not single you out. It is important to note there must have been an event that was an “Act of God” (ie: hail, wind). If a policyholder is found to be making frivolous claims, however, the insurance company would likely drop that policy.

After every big storm event, insurance companies set a budget for that event & systematically pay out claims to fulfill their obligations. There always seems to be a few properties left behind that have insurance but for some reason did not get a full replacement approval from their insurance company. There is really no rhyme or reason to try & figure out how or why this happens. While 90% of homes in an affected area get full roof replacements, 10% seem to either receive a blatant full denial, a repair, or a partial replacement often times leaving the policyholder with the tough decision of coming out of pocket to fund a full replacement, doing the prescribed repairs, or losing future insurance coverage on their roof. To avoid this happening to you, you should have a qualified contractor assist you through the claims process as it is easier to get a full replacement from the beginning than trying to reverse a denied or partial approval. With that being said, it is not over if you are currently sitting with a repair or partial replacement estimate from your carrier. Crown Roofing has systems in place to deal with these exact scenarios with a very high success rate of turning repairs or partial replacement into full replacements without the need of litigation.

Your deductible is the maximum out of pocket expense you will have with Crown Roofing. Any other funds needed for the replacement of your roof will be acquired from your insurance company. For jobs that do not go through insurance, we offer financing starting at $87/month with 0% APR.

No. Unlike auto claims where all of the funds needed to repair your vehicle come in one check, homeowner claims come in multiple payments. The contractor performing the work has to send a final invoice to the insurance company to release any final payments. If the invoice is less than the original estimate provided by insurance, any final payments issued will reflect the invoiced amount. If your deductible is not included in the invoice, it will obviously be less than the original insurance estimate. We offer financing for deductible expenses starting at 0%.