Unique History of Hutchinson, Kansas

Hutchinson, KS is a seat of Reno County, located on the Arkansas River. The city was founded by an Indian agent named C.C. Hutchinson in 1871 when the Santa Fe Railway arrived in the city. In 1887, salt beds were discovered that helped many different industries thrive in the region, and it is why Hutchinson is also called the “Salt City.” Hutchinson is also the heart of the Midwest’s richest oil fields, along with being a major hard-wheat market. 

Rise of Hutchinson, Kansas

The chief industries of Hutchinson include processing, mining, and salt exports. As per many reports, the salt deposits in the region are the richest in the world. Hutchinson is also the major city in Kansas for the milling and shipment of grains, and there are nearly thirty grain firms in the city. Hutchinson is also surrounded by oil fields on all sides and is expected to gradually overtake the wheat and salt industry. There are more than 1,500 wells within 100 miles of the city. 

Hutchinson was also nicknamed “Temperance City” because of the prohibition on alcohol consumption and sale implemented by the city’s founder. The first salt deposits in the city were found in 1887 when a land speculator named Ben Blanchard drilled in the area for oil.

Foundation of The Fair

Hutchinson is also known for holding county fairs, and by 1900 the local city fair came to be known as Kansas State Fair. Finally, in 1913 the city gifted a plot dedicated for the fair and came to be known as Kansas State Fairgrounds. It is what started the tradition of holding the Kansas State Fair annually and has become a major attraction for the locals and tourists alike. 

Economy Growth

Local resources found in Hutchinson have been a major player in its economy. It has attracted many gas, grain, and salt mining companies to the region. It has helped in the development and modernization of the city and has contributed to the increase in population. The city has many tourist attractions, including Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center and Hutchinson Municipal Zoon. The Hutchinson Community College is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city, founded in 1928. As per the U.S. Census of 2010, the total population of Hutchinson City stands at 42,080 people. 

On June 21, 2013, the mayor of the Hutchinson, in a comic-book convention at Kansas State Fair, decreed that the city would be called Smallville for a day. It was to honor Superman’s hometown in Kansas by the same name. The tradition continues to date. 

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